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Automatic Shutter Systems

Motorized roller shutter is a system that is frequently used for the prevention of weather conditions and security. It is used to prevent sunlight, rain and wind caused by weather conditions. Roller shutter systems used to be opened and closed manually in the past, today with the motor system has gained a comfortable and modern use.

Motorized louver is a system that is applied to the doors and windows of houses, work places and summer houses as protection against sunlight, wind and façade rain which can be applied to all buildings. Security comes to the forefront in workplaces and garage doors. It is also an advantage to be a deterrent to thieves, whether in our homes, in the workplace or in garages. Automatic Shutter Systems are examined under two main headings.


Motorized Shutter Systems for Business

In today’s workplace where security of the workplace gains importance without delay, our shutters and doors must be durable in order to be protected from the attacks of malicious people, to prevent theft and not to be affected by adverse weather conditions. By using perforated profiles, it is ensured that illuminated showcases appear at certain proportions at night. In addition, colorful advertising graphics can be processed on completely closed shutters.

The security and deterrence it provides while the shutter systems are closed is one of the indispensable features for business owners. Our roller shutter systems, which are produced with profiles that are designed from robust durable materials, allow you to put your head peacefully while you are away from your work place. Your company budget may not be eligible for 24-hour watchdogs. Synergy notebook repair is the most practical and economical way to avoid leaving the risk of leaving your workplace by entrusting only one lock. Automatic Door and Shutter Systems. Keep in mind; you may be monitoring your workplace with 24-hour security cameras, but security cameras do not prevent any theft, they only allow you to monitor theft.

Motorized Shutter Systems for Home

In our age, everything is aimed at making our lives easier. Many items we use in our house have the ability to open and close with a single button. Formerly used aluminum shutters would not be preferred because many people were busy opening and closing. Nobody would want to open the shutters in the windows every morning and close them in the evening with annoying creaking sounds, but there was no other solution. Our age, like everything else, has been made motorized and effortless by keeping up with the technology in roller shutters. Now you can sip your morning coffee without leaving your place with a single button you can even close your evening bed with a button. It does not only have the advantage of opening and closing, it protects your home from sunlight, wind and rain. It also keeps malicious people away from your home. Best of all, when you go to a remote place without leaving your eyes behind your vehicle allows you to get away with peace of mind.

Thanks to the roller shutter system; You can safely protect your home from the thief. Prevents heat loss in winter and saves energy; In the summer, you can prevent the sun and add coolness and freshness to your room. Protect your glass from rain, mud and external influences. You cannot use curtains if you wish. The blinds are applied to each window.

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